The decision to renovate your space- regardless of scale- is big. That is because it often contains significant costs and will accompany you for many years to come. The owner, knowing what his needs are and without stress must address to construction companies, consisting of experienced engineers and architects.

Here the question arises: how to choose a construction company for my renovation?

The first step is to contact with two or three preferred construction companies and arrange an appointment to your space. There, you will come into personal contact with the architect of each company and discuss. The architect observing the space and carefully listening to the needs of the owner, will be able to understand the problems and needs and propose solutions.

The second step is to ask for financial and technical offers, which should be assessed.

Often the most economic financial offer is the most attractive. At this point, you have to be very careful. A financial offer must state all work, be clear and make clear reference to costs. Without fine print. If something is unclear you should come in contact with the corresponding construction company and request clarification, which it is appropriate to be given in writing.

Owner having discussed with the architects of the respective companies, having carefully studied their financial offers and having answered his questions, can now proceed with more confidence to the selection of the proper construction company.

Of course, sometimes best partnerships are just about chemistry and trust between two people...