MasterDom is a family business with a rich and prestigious past. It all started with our father, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, 46 years ago, who was active in the field of construction, renovation and adaptation of commercial and non- commercial spaces.

The official launch of our company was in 2000. His sons, Socrates, Chrysanthos and George, utilizing his thirty years of experience, took over the business, determined to continue with the same quality values ​​and morals. A common name for the three of us was Anagon, a simple anagram of our surname.

Last fifteen years we dealt with numerous projects, either in small or in large scale. For us It was a period with a heavy schedule, full of creativity, rich portfolio, and many moral rewards. We met remarkable clients who with their good words, encouraged us to continue our efforts and always give our best.

At the same time, our struggle to find reliable and technically qualified partners was ongoing. All these years we were able to work with dozens of people who put in turn, their contribution in the current result.

In 2015 the reconstruction of our site, aimed to service you more comfortable and easily, giving us the opportunity to look for a name that would by itself mean something for you who are looking for home or commercial renovation. And if the first name (Anagon) was given by one of us in seconds, jacked up on a scaffold, now was chosen with great care by a commissioned editor.

MasterDom in English, is to have very good knowledge in your area of ​​expertise.

Before formally consolidate our name "Anagnostopoulos Bros & CO" under the new distinctive title MasterDom, we knew that the worst of times for the construction industry in Greece, if you're not determined to offer to your customers solutions that ensure the quality, speed and economy, better to change profession.

We hope next fifteen years will be equally creative...