I want to renovate my space. What should I know?

Contacting us is the first step and the next is to arrange a meeting, either in person, in the space that needs to be refurbished, or via Skype. In the first case we discuss your needs and thoughts insitu. Then, we compose and send you a detailed financial offer of the agreed construction works. After this procedure, we schedule an appointment in our office, where we discuss in detail the work programme and the financial offer. Then, after signing our cooperation agreement, it is up to the engineers and designers of our company to present three-dimensional representations of your space. With the aid of an architectural software we navigate in real-time within your spaces and discuss with you the most suitable solutions that meet your needs and desires. Lastly, based on the final plans and with our guidance, you can select the woodwork, sanitary ware, tiles etc. Thus, after discussing even the slightest detail of the project, we can start the renovation works.

What you will see in the economic offer?

You will see one by one, the agreed works and their respective cost. At the end of the offer you can find comments that explain the work, materials, individual costs, delivery time and in general it is clear what is included and what is not in the financial offer.

Which is the payment method for the renovation?

The payment method is clearly outlined in our cooperation agreement. By signing the contract you are obliged to deposit 30% of the offer's cost and the balance in installments with the progress of works. Pay off is taking place with project delivery.

Can I choose works in the economic renovation packages?

Of course you can. All our packages offer flexibility, allowing the adaptation of work to the needs of the owner, to add or remove tasks and materials.

Does MasterDom undertake renovations outside Attica as well?

Of course it does. Our network of partners covers the Peloponnese, Central Greece-Evia, Epirus, the Ionian and Aegean Islands.

Does the economic renovation packages apply outside Attica?

Unfortunately, no. The packages have been calculated for renovations within Attica. Otherwise, transport and accommodation costs should be added.

What exactly does the 1 Year warranty include?

The written warranty starts from the delivery date of the project and lasts for one year. It is reported in a separate article of our cooperation agreement. It (affects jobs) refers to works such as bricks, plasters, laying the tiles and floors, insulations, all plumbing and electrical works. It does not affect electrical appliances (for example: oven, washing machine, cooker hood, electric heaters, etc.), defective products (basin & kitchen faucet, electric or solar water heater, etc.), damage caused by defective products and damage caused during use.

Do I need to deal with the renovation in person and for how long?

All that is required from you is to choose woodwork, sanitary ware, tiles, electrical appliances, colors etc.
Otherwise, your involvement is not needed for anything. Leave it all up to us!