When we started to plan the renovation of our apartment in Koukaki in the summer of 2013, in order for our son to begin his student life, we were puzzled because time was pressing us and we were marching without recommendations, almost blindfolded.

We looked for information on the Internet, we got some offers, we contacted several professionals, but ended up choosing (in) MasterDom construction, clearly, not only for its low cost but also for the variety of alternative perspectives offered to us. Since then, a relationship and excellent cooperation began which ensured strong friendly ties.

The first impression is certainly crucial and that was earned by Mr. Chrysanthos Anagnostopoulos who impressed us for his simplicity, his ethos, but also for the interest shown in conjunction with a professionalism that emerged in the course, connected with cognitive and technical training..

We were informed about timetables, offers, technical partners that support the company and we were given guarantees about quality and timeframes.

Since we were leaving in Santorini and we had only one month time, compliance with schedules was something that worried us, in advance. In addition, works were quite extensive due to the need of forming a room in a studio with special soundproofing.

Everything happened as we had agreed, the house was transformed rapidly and the result was excellent.

We were moved by the two responsible brothers, Chrysanthos and Socrates Anagnostopoulos, in trying to be consistent in what we had pre-arranged. With their constant presence in our apartment and with the right combination of crews, worked feverishly even during the days of August. We trusted the keys of our house and the result was rewarding. They are excellent professionals who have contributed with their crews to ensure a comfortable and above all functional residence.

We strongly recommend you and thank you for everything.

With love and appreciation



5 / 5