Dear Sirs, Socrates and Chrysanthos,

I would like to thank you warmly for the enormous effort you have made to completely and quickly renovate my aging apartment, transforming it into a beautiful and yet functional small palace.

For all those who hesitate to open the door of their home, I would like to point out that MasterDom was not recommend by family members or friends, but I discovered it accidentally on the Internet when I search for "apartment renovation".

What attracted my interest in MasterDom was the financial offers, the photos of the projects, as well as the comments of the clients who said how satisfied they were. That's why I took the courage to write my own experience to motivate those who are interested in your job to trust you, because you sincerely offer more than anyone expects.

On our first appointment, initially with Mr. Chrysanthos and then with Mr. Socrates at the office that they keep in Kesariani, they immediately inspired confidence. These two brothers are family leaders, honest, serious and conscientious professionals, who are really interested in the job they take and have personally and consistently attendance at the workplace every day. I would like to emphasize that I live abroad and that I did not have time to attend the work in the apartment. So when we ended up with the new kitchen and bathroom designs, the choice of materials, and some personal desires for extra work (wiring and alarm installation, solar water heater, granite in the kitchen, cable for satellite dish, etc.) a new financial offer was presented to me and in turn I handed the keys to my home.

The telephone update was daily and, by e-mail, I took photos of the progress of the work. After just 37 days I received a brand new, pleasant and practical apartment in the price and the time we agreed.

Again, I thank you wholeheartedly for our cooperation and wish you every success at a professional and personal level. You honestly deserve it.

Yours sincerely,

Georgia Georgaki